TechNewsLetter Vol:6

Docker Security Flaw Found.

Service discovery with consul and consul-template.

How we scaled Instagram.

Edda is a Service to track changes in your cloud deployments.

Docker vs VMs

Auditing for TLS certificates.

venus.js: where bugs go to die

Minesweeper is a tool to detect websites infected with drive-by malware.

VclFiddle is an online tool for experimenting with the Varnish Cache HTTP reverse-proxy in a sandboxed environment.

AWS Service registry for resilient mid-tier load balancing and failover.

Sometimes Kill -9 Isn’t Enough.

Performance Tuning EC2 Instances.

Web-based PostgreSQL database browser.

Go and JSON.

Aurora on Amazon RDS.

Check that your files are on your CDN.

AWS Public IP Address Ranges Now Available in JSON Form.

Which configuration management tool should you use?

A Saltstack salt-api and reactor formula for integrating HTTP webhooks with Saltstack executions.

Jenkins: saltstack-plugin.

Portable AWS-style infrastructure service for Docker.

Octopush is an application to manage deployment requests executed by Jenkins.

Helios: Docker container orchestration platform.

ZenHub is a lightweight browser extension that injects features directly into GitHub’s native interface. Fast, simple, and effective.

Firehose is both a Rack application and JavaScript library that makes building real-time web applications possible.

How-to: Deploy Symfony Application to AWS ElasticBeanstalk.

HHVM is an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP.

A mass deployment tool for Docker fleets.

Google’s Blockly is a web-based, visual programming editor.

A simple docker client for the JVM.

A docker container to run kibana, compatible with

ElasticSearch 1.4.0 on Docker until the official dockerfile/elasticsearch image gets updated.



TechNewsLetter Vol:5

Introduction to Fig

Docker at Shopify

Buy SSL certs from the command line.

Goodbye Google: Why This Man Chose to Quit His Amazing Job

Learn Angular by building a Gmail clone

Build A Real-Time Twitter Stream with Node and React.js

Deploying NGINX and NGINX Plus with Docker

Nginx has big plans for JavaScript

5 Minutes for 10 DevOps Tools

dropcap.js:- Beautiful CSS drop caps made easy

Use Salt to manage and deploy Docker containers

Pepa: Configuration templating for SaltStack using Hierarchical substitution and Jinja.

Constructing a Dashboard with AngularJS

Manage environment variables securely.

Angular Material

Tourist.js:- Simple, flexible tours brought to you by

The GitHub hiring experience.

Boundary:- Monitor RabbitMQ Performance

How To Perform Continuous Integration Testing with on CoreOS and Docker.

Why I left my $254,895 PM role at Microsoft to start a Seattle tech startup.

Deploying and migrating a multi-node ElasticSearch-Logstash-Kibana cluster using Docker.

Linking Docker containers with a Serf Ambassador.

The Skew Elasticsearch Repository.

JavaScript Object history (undo/redo)

Don’t screw it up! How to build durable API.

Winston-graylog2: A New Life Under Namshi.

Registry roadmap.

Detect copy-pasted and structurally similar code.

Search UI for Elasticsearch.

Vegeta, a tool for web server stress testing.

Enter Javascript style regular expression to display.

A simple orchestrator. Manage virtual machines or Docker containers easily.

Frontend JavaScript Contextual Error Tracking.

mongoDB User Interface.

Inspector:- Application infrastructure monitoring, reimagined.

Lwan is a high-performance & scalable web server for glibc/Linux platforms.

Next up for Node.js: Going mobile.

Securing Docker with HTTP Basic Authentication.

AngularJS: Factory vs Service vs Provider.

Docker RabbitMQ Cluster.

Rivets.js:- Lightweight and powerful data binding + templating solution for building modern web applications.

Introducing Rocker:Docker for R.

What constitutes a good docker image?

Poodle SSLv3 Vulnerability.

Docker Containers Performance in VMware vSphere.

Load modules on demand (lazy load) in AngularJS.

Now Open – AWS Germany (Frankfurt) Region – EC2, DynamoDB, S3, and Much More.

Catjs: Mobile web automation testing framework. Unit tests can be added to any HTML5 application easily. With catjs you get to be Agile.

Simple, fast & agile REST with

A Quick and Practical Reference for tcpdump.

SSH multiplex.

Running GUI apps with Docker.

Learning much javascript from one line of code.

Angular 2.0 Core by Igor Minar & Tobias Bosch at ng-europe 2014.

perfmap: Front-end performance heatmap bookmarklet.


TechNewsLetter Vol:4

Official Ansible Content on Docker Hub

What happens when you steal a hackers computer

Introducing Universal SSL


Five Things Every Developer Should Know About Syslog

Bash remote vulnerability

Everything you need to know about the Shellshock Bash bug


Why Loggly Chose AWS Route 53 over Elastic Load Balancing

Keyless SSL: The Nitty Gritty Technical Details

Simplifying and securing multicloud development

Twitter’s Mobile Developers developer conference

Marathon v0.7.0 — Running Dockers at Scale and More

When Logstash and Syslog go wrong

Docker Networking

Decoupling packages

JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass

Be a happier developer with Docker

Get your internal IPv4 address

The Dockerfile is not the source of truth for your image.

FBI Not Happy With Apple & Google’s Encryption Policy

Collaborative “Google Docs” for code

Multi-model database with particularly strong fault tolerance, performance, and operational ease.

An open-source graph database

Use Python in Excel without add-ins

Turn dynamic websites into APIs

Material Design for AngularJS Apps

PayPal’s open source node.js automation framework