Recovering your AMAZON SES SMTP credentials!!

How to recover your Amazon SES smtp credentials:-

Important Note:

Your SMTP password is not the same as your AWS secret access key. Do not attempt to use your AWS credentials to authenticate yourself against the SMTP endpoint. 

There are two ways to generate your SMTP credentials. You can either use the Amazon SES console or you can generate your SMTP credentials from your AWS credentials.

Use the Amazon SES console to generate your SMTP credentials if:

  • You want to get your SMTP credentials using the simplest method.
  • You do not need to automate SMTP credential generation using code or a script.

Generate your SMTP credentials from your AWS credentials if:

  • You have an existing  IAM  user and you want that user to be able to send emails using the Amazon SES SMTP interface.
  • You want to automate SMTP credential generation using code or a script.

 A user’s SMTP username is the same as their AWS Access Key ID, so you just need to generate the SMTP password. 

Here I am doing a Java implementation  that converts an AWS SECRET ACCESS KEY to an Amazon SES SMTP password.

For example:  I am creating a file called “”  and in this file I create a class named “smtp” and inside you need to give your AWS SECRET ACCESS KEY 


You can download this file from here.

You  Need to execute this file as:


This will create a file called “smtp” and you need to execute again as :


And this will prompt your AMAZON SES SMTP PASSWORD 🙂


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ElasticSearch 1.4.0 on Docker until the official dockerfile/elasticsearch image gets updated.


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ClusterJS, clusterify your NodeJS applications and achieve zero-downtime deployments

A good talk (slides, video and a transcript) all about the inevitability of failure and why and how you should design your organisations and teams to deal with it.

TLS hardening

Horizontally Scaling Node.js and WebSockets with Redis

Uchiwa is a simple dashboard for the Sensu monitoring framework, built with node.js.

A Chef server written in Go, able to run entirely in memory, with optional persistence with saving the in-memory data to disk or using MySQL or Postgres as the data storage backend.

Development environment builder powered by Docker and buildpacks

PHPSpec – the only Design Tool you need.

Infrataster is another tool for writing unit tests for infrastructure. It’s designed to complement serverspec, by focusing on running tests from outside the virtual machine to test external interfaces like HTTP or SSH.

Petit is an open source log analysis tool

Dissecting Message Queues

40 Million hits a day on WordPress using a $10 VPS

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Bitly: Lessons Learned Building A Distributed System That Handles 6 Billion Clicks A Month

Load Balancing with HAProxy

A great presentation entitled “how to debug anything”. Lots of examples stepping through issues mainly using strace.

MaestroNG is an orchestration tool for multi-host docker environments. The examples in the README give the best idea, showing YAML files describing the entire environment.

Anode is a utility for analyzing graphite metrics. It’s currently quite experimental, containing a single three sigma analyzer that takes a time series from graphite and creates new metrics alongside.

Log File Navigator is an advanced log file viewer for the small-scale. It’s only really useful for a single host but provides some impressive command line visualisation tools as well as a powerful SQL query engine.


Elasticsearch in 15 minutes

gulp-inject:- A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp, i.e. inject file references into your index.html

Riemann – A network monitoring system

Vagrant plugin that redirects `notify-send` from guest to host machine and notifies provisioning status.

XMPP Technologies

More Responsive Single-Page Applications With AngularJS & Socket.IO: Creating the Library


Visual Website Monitoring.

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Lots of short hands-on screencasts aiming to teach lots of systems administration basics. Everything from man pages, command line tools, LXC containers and running postmortems.

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Haka is an open source security oriented language which allows to apply security policies on (live) captured traffic.

Snabb Switch: Fast open source packet processing

Get SSH authorized keys from Github API

ng-inspector:-The AngularJS inspector pane for your browser

What Twitter Isn’t Telling You About GIFs

SSH Tricks

GitHub badges as a service


TechNewsLetter: Vol1

There are some interesting stuffs out there. I hope it will help me and you keep up-to-date with the world of technology, rounding up the best new products and things you need to know about.

Whether you’re working with web applications or behind the scenes services, you’ll probably be using HTTP somewhere. So it’s worth noting that the HTTP/1.1 RFC has just been replaced, by a series of clearer and less ambiguous documents. Worth reading.

ServerSpec:-  Write your spec for your Servers


A web-based SSH console to execute commands and manage multiple EC2 instances simultaneously running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Changelog is a tool designed to answer the question “What changed in the last twenty minutes?”. It provides a simple HTTP api and a web interface and is intended for tracking everything from deployments, dns changes, reboots, creation of servers, etc.

SteveJobs Resume 🙂


A virtual bookclub for people interested in tech ops. ReadOps is an online book group all about technical operations


A simple, SSH-based cloud management CLI.It is easy to spin up, configure and manage clusters of machines.


An interesting tool that connects MySQL with statsd, simply write SQL queries and provide a metrics name and the script will do the rest.


Envirius is described as a universal virtual environments manager. Like virtualenv in python, rvm in ruby, nvm for node, etc. but without needing a separate tool for every language or framework.


A highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery. etcd is inspired by Apache ZooKeeper and doozer helps you manage and monitor your virtual machines, across different clouds, using any device that can access the web.




A simple tool for deploying code to servers.


Used to push, it is a replacement for reprepro+s3cmd sync and whatnot.

It does incremental updates of a repo, so you don’t need to keep a full local copy of the repo anymore.

You just feed it each package as they are made and it updates all the various metadata files as needed.


If you want to transfer any tools from Amazon S3 to Rackspace or Vice Versa

A good topic of conversation when it comes to growing teams and codebases is how to manage change. Pull requests are the default GitHub answer but this post makes some good points about the advantages of tools like Phabricator for different workflows


It looks like a very nice new open source application monitoring and packet tracing system. A lovely Kibana based interface and agents which can detect various types of traffic once installed make for a very simple getting started experience.


A neat approach to managing users in a large GitHub organisation. Provides tools for auditing users, ensuring two factor authentication is enabled and providing reporting of issues.


Managing multiple different git hooks across multiple repositories for self-hosted git repos can be a pain. cpthook aims to make that easier, moving the configuration into a simple YAML file and providing a command line to manage the hooks.

A nice set of strong cipher settings for Apache, Nginx and Lighttpd. Designed to be copy and pasted by people who know what they are doing, but a good example to study if you’re just looking at SSL.

Nagios-Herald is a project that aims to make it easy to provide context in Nagios alerts.

Openduty is an open source Alerting and incident escalation tool. It supports alerting with XMPP, email, SMS, Phone and Push notifications, and supports the Pagerduty API for triggering alerts.

Checkzilla is simple tool for letting you know about out-of-date software versions. It currently supports Rubygems and NPM, but it’s extensible for other package types. Being able to manage this in one place feels like a good thing.